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Four Partings at the Cross

Matthew 27:34-54
Do you ever remember being separated or parted from someone because you were lost?
It is not a pleasant feeling to be separated, or parted.
Today as we consider the cross, the death of Jesus, the Bible reveals certain items or things that were parted during this event.
Our scripture passage today in the gospel of Matthew identifies four things which are “parted,” or separated at the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Each of these items have great application for the world today since they explain why Jesus Christ had to endure such a torturous death.

  • The Parted Garments – The Shame of the Cross (v34-44)
  • The Parted Fellowship – The Sorrow of the Cross (v45-49)
  • The Parted Veil – The Success of the Cross (v51)
  • The Parted Graves – The Security of the Cross (v51)